Sam in Soul Survivor

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Sam in Soul Survivor

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4x21 and 4x22 // 10x01 and 10x02

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thanks to bumblebea933 a comic idea was hatched

THE NEW EP CLIP LOOKS SO PROMISING!! dean is such a butthole

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THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE  |  twinkjared vs. douchejensen
round two | Sam + favorite outfit
| Sam’s sweater vest in Everybody Hates Hitler

10.04 Paper Moon
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glitter-lisp: A day may come when you ask for prompts and I do not give any, but that day is not this day. Can I see some Sam running into a stray dog that lives outside the bunker? It's wary and obviously injured, but Sam spends days (if not weeks or months) leaving little bits of food out for it and making himself look small and unthreatening until the dog starts to cautiously get closer to him, letting him pet it and treat its wound.


It’s dirty and smelly and, most likely, flea-infested. It certainly isn’t something Dean would ever condone Sam bringing home. 

It’s also got the biggest brown eyes Sam’s ever seen.

Even though it’s practically skin and bones and even though it has some obvious wounds on its side and flank, there’s still the ghost of a cute dog underneath it all. The fur, matted with blood, looks like it used to be soft and white.

The eyes, now crusted and gunky, look like they once melted hearts. 

Before they took you broke you, I’m sure you held the world. 

And maybe paralleling himself to a dog is some sort of sign of mental instability but Sam will take companionship where he can get it. So he, in so many words, courts the dog. 

He leaves out food for it, sneaking it past Dean (an impressive feat as Dean guards the kitchen with is life.) He brings it treats and gives it water. Rawhide chew bones are left freely by the bunker door. It takes almost a month, but the dog finally lets Sam near it.

Even then, it’s another few weeks before the dog will allow any petting.

What did the world do to you that left you so afraid?

Sam’s seen hell. He’s seen the aftermath of it. This dog has been to hell and back. Carefully, Sam builds up trust and eventually the dog is gladly rolling over for belly rubs. Once that hurdle is maneuvered, it’s a whole new challenge to try and get the dog into the bunker (especially without Dean noticing.)

Once he gets the dog into the bunker, he starts in on treating its wounds. He painstakingly stitches the gash in its side and then disinfects the scratches on his behind. He checks for other injuries: bone breakage, internal bleeding, etc. but, other than extreme undernourishment, the dog is fine.

The dog is a she, and thanks to Sam’s regular feedings, her malnourished look is quickly fading. He then proceeds to give her a bath in a tub outside the bunker.

She’s a big dog, a mixed breed of husky and something else that Sam can’t quite identify. Her fur is white with an auburn undercoat. Once she’s cleaned and taken care of, she’s beautiful and any question of Sam taking her to a no-kill shelter is put to rest. Sam is keeping her. How can he not? He’s the reason she’s alive.

"Oh you’re a pretty girl, aren’t you?" Sam asks her once she’s dried from her bath. She yips excitedly and circles Sam’s legs. Sam thinks on a name. He looks into her big brown eyes and sees a lot there; a sort of subdued intelligence that no dog ought to have.

But underneath it, he sees a puppy, a lovable and joyous little thing that used to own the world. She’s got a history and Sam likes that. Sam likes the world behind her eyes.

He’s sure it matches the one behind his.

And he feels that, feels that there’s still that twenty-something kid in his eyes, a place inside him filled with all the things he’s locked away.

"I’m gonna call you Jess," He tells the dog. She yips again. "You like that name, huh?"

Sam leads her back into the bunker and the deep locked up places inside him open a little. The cracks expose the darkness.

The light starts coming through. 


I don’t want 10 years. I don’t want one year. I don’t want candy! I want to trade places with Dean.

The first time Sam offers himself to pay for the sins and mistakes of another.

1.21: Dean…I wanna thank you. For everything. You’ve always had my back, you know? Even when I couldn’t count on anyone I could always count on you. And…I don’t know, I just wanted to let you know. Just in case.
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