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Sastiel Non-AU Fic Rec List


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  1. Will You Stay? NC-17 Sam wants to believe. He always has.
  2. Climbing Up The Wall! Series NC-17 On a routine hunt, Sam is bitten by a sex demon. The venom’s effects are almost immediate when it’s delivered by bite and not kiss. They’re immediate and devastating.
  3. Reel Me In Before I Fall Out Of Line NC-17 The day had started out so normal. Castiel had been out of contact for about a week now, but when when he finally did show up — in a whirlwind of energy and his hair and clothes caked in viscous golden liquid — Sam got the inkling something might be amiss.
  4. Getting To Yes NC-17 Castiel is covetous of Sam, but thinks his feelings are purely possessive and asexual. He’s an angel and therefore above all that earthly desire shenanigans (or so he assumes). Despite that, he wants Sam’s fidelity which Sam would be okay with… if sex were part of the agreement. Sam suggests they experiment with what kind of sexy times Cas might be okay to compromise with. It turns out that Castiel is not as immune from those kinds of things as he originally thought.
  5. Out Where The Shivers Won’t Find You NC-17 After Castiel rescues Sam from Hell, he sets him up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere to recuperate, and to give his soul time to heal from the damage it suffered in the cage. When Sam experiences violent, frightening flashbacks to his time with Lucifer, Cas offers a solution, but neither one of them anticipates the way their tentative friendship will change.
  6. While I Break PG-13  It took five months for Castiel to allow himself to be human.
  7. Christmas Dreams PG-13 Ever since coming back human from Purgatory, Castiel has been in a depressive fugue. Sam takes it upon himself to cheer him up, but his plans get somewhat sidetracked when he, Dean, and Castiel are sent on a hunt for Bigfoot.
  8. Keep Coming Back PG-13 It took five opportunities before Sam decided it was the right time to kiss Castiel.
  9. Exodus PG-13 When Sam and Dean are left with no choice but to forcibly remove the Purgatory souls, Castiel’s Grace is ripped away and he is left human. The adjustment proves to be more difficult than any of them had anticipated and Castiel reluctantly allows Sam’s support though he is still suffering from the psychological wound of falling. With Sam’s help and a little time, he finds a new purpose for himself.
  10. Eggs and Bacon PG-13 It took five interruptions for them to admit it.
  11. Making A Deak With The Devils Of Fate… NC-17 After the apocalyptic fight at the end of Season 5, Sam walks out with just a few cuts and bruises, free from Lucifer and with him locked away in his cage where he belongs. Dean, on the other hand, lies comotose in Lawrence Memorial Hospital, free from Michael, but his soul no where to be found. Sam, unconsolable with grief, begins on a self destructive path while Castiel searches every avenue for Dean’s soul. As he and Sam grow closer he realizes his only hope may be to make a deal and go against everything he stands for and struggles with if he should tell his plan to to the one person who may understand. Sam. (personal note, this is kinda a sad fic)
  12. A Helping Hand NC-17 Sam’s a real humanitarian. Or angelitarian. Or whatever.
  13. Run Your Fingers Through My Soul NC-17 Sam needs to know he has a soul. He needs to be sure Lucifer is gone. Sam needs Cas. Things kinda go a little further than he thought they would.
  14. Sam And Cas’ Big Gay Angel Romance PG-13 [Series Marked as Incomplete, but can be read as a stand alone] Cas wants Sam. He consults an expert in the area of love. Awkward conversation! Intentions! Slow dancing! Oh my!
  15. Pleasures Of The Flesh NC-17 Sam provides a little demonstration.
  16. The Human Form God Gave You NC-17 Somehow Sam had expected that Castiel would just always be in that suit and that overcoat and hadn’t given the body underneath it much thought. Until suddenly it’s kind of all he can think about.
  17. Unforeseen Consequences NC-17 Sam doesn’t go to hell, and Cas returns completely human (and sarcastic, smartassy and fond of using profanity). The three of them start hunting together and Dean suffers a major permanent injury to his right arm. They end up settling down in a town where Dean had met a girl the last time they were there. Sam and Cas are very attracted to each other but won’t do anything about it. Will either of them ever be brave enough to make the first move?
  18. Like Shooting Stars PG-13 At the end of The Great Escapist, Sam and Dean nearly run over a wounded Castiel. They take him home. En route, Sam does first aid, and Castiel remembers it’s Sam’s birthday.
  19. Möbius NC-17 Following the completion of the first trial, Sam and Dean run into a powerful witch. Meanwhile, Castiel escapes Heaven after bringing Samandriel’s vessel back and rejoins them. In their fight with the witch, Naomi’s hold on Castiel is broken, but the brothers have to find a way to keep it that way. Amidst their troubles, Sam and Castiel find solace in each other, but their time is cut short when Naomi sends another angel to track the Angel Tablet Crowley is closing in on.
  20. Blue Oblivion NC-17 Set post season five, in a universe where Dean, Sam and Cas were not able to stop the global release of the Croatoan virus, and Sam never said yes to Lucifer, the three of them survive the world falling apart along with a small group of some seventy survivors in Goodsprings, Nevada—an isolated desert town just outside of Las Vegas. While Dean takes it upon himself to hold the town and the people in it together, Sam helps Castiel through the loss of his Grace, and slowly but surely teaches him about what it is to be human.
  21. Please, Please Me NC-17 Castiel’s vessel has started to develop basic needs. His libido seems to think it’s a fifteen year old’s. Sam helps him control it.
  22. Awl NC-17 So, tying Sam to a chair and sticking a belt in his mouth is great for soulfisting. Might also work nicely in other circumstances. Cas rides bondaged!Sam

…and I’ll keep adding to this list when I find more :)

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SPN 10 countdown challenge | day 9 - episode 15 
↳ 2x15 - tall tales

i offer cleansing with wicked hands.


sam winchester does not have to respect dean for violating his body. sam winchester does not have to forgive dean for violating his body. sam winchester is not obligated to keep his trauma to himself just because it might MAKE DEAN SAD.

of course dean wants sam alive but there is such a thing as bodily integrity. people aren’t allowed to touch you without your consent. there are laws about people touching you without your consent. even if you’re dead, there are laws protecting your body.

it doesn’t matter if dean was coming from a place of love. let me repeat that, IT DOESN’T MATTER IF DEAN WAS COMING FROM A PLACE OF LOVE. what he did is still wrong. he ignored sam’s rights, he tricked sam, he put an angel inside sam, and he did this to a person with a gruesome and extensive history with possession. and sam is allowed to feel upset about this. SAM IS ALLOWED TO VOCALIZE THE TRUAMA HE’S BEEN PUT THROUGH.

sam winchester does not have to respect dean for violating his body.


5 Things to Remember

Sam + guns

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