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ardentpoop replied to your post:
yeaah i try not to be negative about the writing too much b/c it’s like what can i do abt it, but. when they were talking about killing Alex i was waiting for Sam to disagree with Dean????? but he /agreed/ with him??? what

right? just this season we had that episode with maritza, the pishtaco, and sam was adamant about not killing her. and sam would have shown alex a lot more compassion in that interrogation or whatever. he wouldn’t just flat out think her loyalties are “screwed” beyond repair.

I’m trying to be objective rather than defensive, but I really do think that it served to illustrate that Sam’s own loyalties are pretty screwed? He can’t always fight back against Dean, any more than Ann could make a single clean break from Mama. I think rang very true that he’d need to put a fair amount of distance between himself and Ann, precisely because the parallels between them were so glaring.

Not only does it speak to how Sam’s loyalties are screwed, I think it also demonstrates how Sam’s belief in himself has been eroded.  Sam had a pretty decent belief in himself in the early seasons. In season three he took a hit because he spent all the time in Mystery Spot not saving Dean and then failed to save Dean in real life.

In season four, Ruby built up his self confidence by believing in him and giving him the demon blood which made him stronger, and helped save people. Then it turned out she was playing him and he broke the final seal and released Lucifer, which was became “Sam started the Apocalypse all by his little lonesome”. That totally knocked his belief in himself down.

Sam tried to gain some foothold and respect from Dean, in season five, but in the end the real lesson was that the only thing Sam could do right was to die and be tortured for all eternity.

Then came season six and Soulless, who had NO trouble with self-confidence, but that part of Sam got locked behind the wall and Sam got treated like a kid being told not to scratch a wound.

Season seven Sam was hallucinating and Dean made himself Sam’s link to reality and then demanded that Sam surrender any idea that he could make good judgements in order to keep that link to reality in his life. Making Sam apologize for doubting Dean about Amy was the price of “stone one” staying around for Sam.

When Dean goes to Purgatory, Sam again uses his judgement to keep the agreement and not look for Dean and THAT comes back to bite him in the ass big time. Dean repeatedly brings up every mistake Sam has ever made. He also makes it clear that Sam is less than Benny or Cas as someone to be relied upon. By the beginning of this season Sam has had every choice he has made invalidated BY DEAN, who pulls the Dean knows best card. It took Dean tricking him into being possessed to get Sam to finally push back and realize Dean doesn’t know best. Right now, Sam is barely treading water to keep his boundaries intact and to not cave to Cas and Kevin and Dean and just tell Dean that what Dean did wasn’t that bad and all is forgiven and Sam will go back to doing what Dean says. Sam isn’t trusting his own judgement on things other than Dean was wrong to trick him about Gadreel. I don’t think he has the energy to fight multiple battles, especially about leniency toward monsters because “God Sam, remember when you trusted Ruby? That ended up so well. And remember when I trusted Benny and you didn’t and then Benny DIED to save your sorry ass. So don’t tell me which monsters should and should not be given a break!” I don’t think Sam can start a battle like that right now because Dean will bring up every time Sam made  a “wrong” call on a monster and then, Dean will leverage that to continue to attack Sam’s feelings about Gadreel. Sam has to pick his battles until he is strong enough to not get over run by the patterns of their lives.

So, this girl’s not talking ‘cause she’s got a case— of what?— vampiric Stockholm Syndrome?

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Sastiel Big Bang is back again for another year of goodness!

This is a challenge focused on the relationship between any combination of Sam Winchester, Castiel, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, in any form, from the TV series, Supernatural.

There are a few changes for this year’s challenge, so make sure to read the 2014 Schedule, Rules & FAQs!

Sign ups will open on May 15th.

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Sam Winchester in Alex Annie Alexis Ann - 9x19

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3.16 No Rest for the Wicked

S W E E T I E (9x19)

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