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paulajii: You know how some times you find a blog that seems cool and fun and all that shit and you hit that follow button. And then suddenly they start posting some weird shit and you are just like "I didn't sign up for this!" Well that didn't happen with your blog! Thank you for all the Sammy pictures, gifs etc. I love them all <3 xoxo

Lol, thank you so much! We’re glad you like our blog :3

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Anonymous asked: Dean Winchester or Sam Winchester

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I used to be afraid of meeting with beasts
but now there is a desperation in me
for teeth and claws and anger.
Let the monster chew me up
and spit me out bloodied and hardened.
I will learn vengeance and I will learn
rage and I will be eaten up until I am 
tough enough to face a world that would
keep me soft and helpless.
Let me not just meet with monsters
but let me love them also. (x)
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